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26.2 mile marathon 3:45 - Los Angeles
31 mile (50K) 5:47 Ridgecrest
50 mile 10:14 – Avalon
62 mile (100k) 15:22  - Angeles Crest
100 mile 24:44 - Phoenix, AZ

5 Badwater finishes

100 mile Solo Run 24:26 - Calabasas, CA

Beyond the 100 miles…
Badwater 135 mile - and double

I've started and completed the Badwater 135 mile race 3x

The race is known to be the "world's toughest ultra marathon"

135 miles, 125 degree heat, 3 mountain passes, 60 hour time limit

The Badwater Double - becoming the first woman

 Badwater 135 mile 51:41:47 - 2001
Mt. Whitney Summit - mile 156
Badwater Return - 292 miles

Southern California Grand Prix
Ultra Runners Series

2004 - 2nd overall - women masters
2001 - 2nd overall - age group
2000 - 1st overall - age group

My most memorable races…and why?

LA Marathon - my first marathon…never forget where you came from!

Colorado Double marathon (52 miles)- This was my second 50 miler, and not yet comfortable running through bear and mountain lion country, so when I felt the ground behind me rumble, I thought this was the bear I was obsessing about…I stopped, dropped my waist pack with food, and looked up to see it was the most beautiful mule dear.  I was relieved, even though he wouldn't move off the trail, but instead just stood and stared at me.  After this long and compromising conversation with a dear to let me pass,  I continued on running with a huge stick in my hand, not knowing what to expect.  I thought this was a dream as I was running, a dear next to me jumping and frolicking so gracefully, it was only seconds, but the memory is forever, I was hooked to ultras from this experience.  Here I am seen with the race director who told me that I need to run 100''s all his fault!  In picture 1, I am that little dot, in the big forest, in the middle of the picture.

Rocky Raccoon 100 mile endurance run - I’ve completed this race 4 times, and finally know the 20 mile loop (5x) course, and love it! I know I can do a sub 24 here, it's an easy 100 miler!  My best time is just over 25 hours, I can shave an hour plus, just watch this happen in 2006!

Western States 100 mile endurance run - Who wouldn’t love this…running through a snowy start, 90+ temperatures in the canyons during the day, and crossing the American River at mile 78, it’s the best!  My husband and kids were there to greet me at mile 55, 62 and the finish line.  This is my favorite race ever!  Love those blisters at mile 55 (picture 3), thank you Gillian for taking care of them!  I had the world's best pacers, Janet who ran with me from Forest Hill, and we crossed the American river (3 am) together, where Renne picked me up at mile 78 and ran with me to the finish...Thank you both so much!  I'll be back on June 25th, 2005...can't wait!  This is the "creme de la creme" of 100's!

Javalina Jundred 100 mile endurance run - Running through the Arizona sunset, desert landscapes and the full moon…what else can you ask for in a 100?  Here I am at mile 90 something, Wolfie was pacing me and making me laugh, and I was not wanting this to end!  I'll be back in October 2005... can't wait!

Badwater 135 mile ultra marathon double (292 miles)- I love to challenge myself, and here it is! I can't wait to do the one way this July, only 135 miles, the double (292 miles) was all about pain management and I suffered more than I ever want to again.  I can still feel it today. There are numerous pictures from my 292 mile journey on my "photo gallery" page.  I'll be back July 11th, 2005...can't wait!

Jay who paced me 90 miles, I love you Jay!

My kids and I at the Badwater finish - 135 miles, and not done yet!

The summit of Mt. Whitney 146 miles.

Mile 270

feeling like a million bucks, actually I just wanted to get home to my family, I missed them so.

I think of the children that I run for when I hurt, and for some reason my physical pain goes away...

Badwater 135 mile Endurance run - I came home with the sub 48 hour finisher's buckle this year...for a full report go to "what's new" and read my story.  July 2005



100 mile Solo Endurance Run - My greatest experience was to run 100 miles without a race, competition, award or buckle, just a great group of friends to support my solo run.  For a full report go to "what's new" and read my story.  August 2005


Angeles Crest 100 mile Endurance run - I'm so happy that I finally finished this race, it has kicked my butt 3 times, and put me in the hospital last year, but this year, I finished strong and went home instead of the emergency!   For a full report go to "what's new" and read my story.  September 2005


Manzanita Endurance Race - I love my horse Ben, in a whole new way, he gave me everything to top 10 our first endurance ride together.  He’s the best!  I remember being about 10 miles from the finish, and he was tired, I told him the same thing I tell myself..."we only have a few more miles to go, are you a man or a mouse (horse)", and he listened to me and we did it - Top 10!