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"292 mile Badwater double" race from 2001...


August, 2006

12 days in BORA BORA!


Bathing Suit #2

front side.

side view


Bathing suit #3

This is how we got from our villa to the gym, beach, activities, and dining.  I could get use to this kind of life!


Bathing suit #4

sorry, back side only

We had a private pool on our deck, and each morning we would jump off into the ocean.  A shark was spotted here just the day before.

My teenagers were little  boys again, and I couldn't ask for more....


      Moe flying


Ben walking on water, hmmm...


We swam with stingrays and sharks.  The stingrays would let you kiss them!


Nothing like a sunset!

The St. Regis was so peaceful and relaxing.

Alan, Moe and Ben walking to our boat taxi to take us to another motu for dinner.


Ben has so much passion and loves life...Many could learn from this kid!


 Ben now wanted to    play "be the model"...I think he's got it!

Alan went scuba diving and was down for almost an hour.  There were no cell phones or traffic, just caves and the most beautiful fish and sharks.



he's my little baby still...


Moe wants to be a cardiologist or neuro surgeon when he gets older...

The boys just got back from a 2 hour, 14 mile jet ski ride around the island.


my little creative one!

Another hobby that I enjoy so much, photography.  See below with the photos I shot of our fires.


My feet just a couple weeks after Badwater.  I lost my toe nails and I love that, they get in the way when I run my 100 mile ultra marathons...




July, 2006

  My boys!    


March, 2006

these are my other training partners...they are very well trained!

I love Missoni (and Gucci, Prada, Tod's, etc)...ok the other side of me!  Check out my Missoni dress, mmmm, and my son and husband, another mmmm...


I just got old...we bought our son his first car...I went from putting him in a baby seat, to a drivers seat, in a wink!



Wildfires, September 2005

Here are a few pictures that I took during our fires that started in Chatsworth, burned through Bell Canyon, Agoura and my neighborhood foothills of Hidden Hills.  The area that burned close to Hidden Hills, was Ahmanson Ranch were I train running, and train my horses.  I ran my solo 100 mile run in Ahmanson just weeks before this fire and as I watched it burn for 2 days, along with my community, we were so devastated and saddened to witness animals fleeing from their homes and how this beautiful park, is now gone.  I truly admire the firemen for making our children, and our community feel safe.  Running down the streets with horses in a panic is not anything I want to do again.  I would listen to the children in fear, ask the firemen and police so many questions and I'm happy that what I try to remember from this fire is how a community really pulls together.  My new favorite colors are yellow and blue - I think you'll understand why from the first picture and the last...






Hawaii, August 2005

I'm kind of digging the extra on my waist line, in my twenties, this would have drove me crazy.  Bathing suit #1

If you think running 100 miles is mostly mental, well about 80% is, then you add a bit of training, focus, desire, genetics, and you can't forget about the glutes, hamstrings and quads, a big part of the team.

I remember my triathlon days, and how I would look at the ocean is now how I look at the mountains, I just want to be there...

oh to be 44 years old...

inner peace and self contentment, I'm finally successful in my life!

Bathing suit #2 Just me and my boys, my greatest passion

My little teenie bikini.... oh well

Another water polo mom and neighbor Lisa, having fun in the Hawaiin surf.

       Bathing suit #3

Bathing suit #4

My son is taller than me, and he's an incredible athlete, I want my little baby back!

             My life!

The only running I did was on the sand, and this was minimal due to my still Badwater blistered feet!

Bathing suit #5

Playing in the surf with my son, and how I realized these are the best times in life...the times spent with your children.

  A different bathing suit each day, I'm just as bad as Paris Hilton!


These next few pictures are from my so called life!


My friend Missy and I at
our kids dance- pre party

Me, my sons date, and 
a couple of his friends.

My son and husband on our
golf cart driving in our City Parade, check out who's following them






A few of us running
Ahmanson trails.  These are my training grounds just
outside my back door!
Ahmanson Ranch

This is where my solo 100 mile run will take place

My husband with our trainer
Carl and my 3 horses go for a ride in Ahmanson.


These next 3 shots were at Rocky Raccoon 100 mile February 2004, where I was pulled at mile 80, due to weight loss.  We'll call it a bad day!


I think I'd rather deal with cute little alligators, than the LA traffic I have to face everyday... That's a fake smile, I knew from the start, the day was going to be a challenging one.  Coming in at Mile 60, the next loop I lost 7 pounds in 5 hours and was pulled at mile 80, with 10 hours to finish the last 20 miles.  I could have crawled it. The race officials and medical wouldn't allow me to continue, unless I could eat and gain weight, my body just couldn't do it, and I tried so hard...we'll call it an 80 mile training run!
Another race, and a not so good one...I'm learning still.




The morning of Angeles Crest
100 mile run, September 2004.  Shown here with my crew, 
Nancy and Deb.  Nancy told me
 that morning I didn't look good,
if I knew at that time what was
in store for that race, I would (should) have go
ne back to bed...
Here I thought I was cool to run 100 miles, but check out the Tarahumara Indians that I get to run with...pretty neat!  

Coming into an aid station, and I knew at this point, something wasn't right.  I was found later that night in the Angeles Crest forest where I had passed out, was rushed to the emergency hospital and had 3 IV's.  The ER doctor told me "10 more minutes and I would have gone into cardiac arrest", I find this hard to believe, (of course).

I've learned a lot these past years, and here I am! I am so ready for the 2005 year, bring it on! My first race of the year...a 100 miler!  

Ok, so last year, I had a couple
bad races, let downs, DNF's, however you look at it- failure, no...just all learning experiences.  Here I am back at Rocky Raccoon 100 mile race February 2005, to
see what I'm made of, to see if I'm back!  I just love the sign in the background - this is the lake we
 run around 5x at 20.2 miles each loop...
Shown with my pacer Mari, at mile 80, where I was pulled the year before, but this time, I felt great,  and not once did I say "what am I doing here", but instead, enjoyed the entire 100 miles... Shown here at the 100 mile
finish with my second pacer
Jo, and Jorge who won the
100 mile race.  I was hoping to
do a sub 24 hour, but happier
that I made a comeback after
 my two  DNF's in 2004.  I
finished in just over 26 hours.

Why do we do it?  Because we can, we love it, and the buckles we get, which by the way, you can't buy, you have to earn!

Jorge and I shown with our awards! Then we went to cheer on runners still coming into the finish.



My feet 1 hour after a 100
mile ultra marathon!
February 5, 2005

Not too shabby if you ask me.


My 292 mile race through Death Valley

"The Badwater Double"

July, 2001

While I was running the Badwater 135 mile race this year, I would often ask myself, how did I run a Badwater double, where did I go?  I believe I was just determined and focused and this allowed my to be successful with my goal.



What I do on vacation...

People ask me if I still train on vacations...Running is a part of my life, and to be able to "explore new territory" is very exciting to me. Running 100 mile ultra marathons is all about exploring new territory within yourself!  We have so much more than we know, feel, believe...