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There's more to life than ultra running! 

My many passions in life...

My family is my most incredible part of my life.

I have 2 boys, ages 16 and 13. 

My 16 year old plays water polo and swims.  He received the MVP (most valuable player) for water polo his first year playing.  In the swim meets, he's won most, if not all of the 50m event he's entered with his best time of 26 seconds. He was running track at age 10 for over a year, winning all events and jumping over 12 feet in the long jump, placing him 1st. He has the "eye of the tiger" and is genetically gifted with his athletic physique. He is on the honor roll and  his goal is to go to Stanford or USC.  Here he is shown scoring the goal.

    My son had a great start and even better finish!

My 13 year old, loves adventure.  He rides motorcycles, horses, cooks, an incredible break dancer, loves cars, and is just an old soul.  He can do in a race on his horse, what I can only dream of.  They share a special bond, and I realized how unselfish he was when I witnessed him taking care of his horse during a race. He placed 3rd overall, 3 minutes behind 1st place.  Coming home with "1st Junior rider", "youngest rider", "3rd overall" and "top 10", more awards in one race, than I've had all year.  You'll find it hard to believe that's he was only 11 at the time+6, he's wise beyond his years.

                          This kid is one tough cookie, he has no fear, and that scares me! The cool  trailer for his motorcycle's.
My husband and 12 year old son, their own private hideaway and warehouse to hold all their toys  

My husband and his partner own BankCardUSA together. He  loves to ride his Harley(s) on the weekend, and drive his turbo Porsche during the week.  He's starting to collect cars, and this is one of his passions, riding his mountain bike, and working out in our gym are a couple others. He's been training the Gracie Jiu Jitsu for many years, and is a purple belt.  Rorion Gracie and his brothers Royce, and Rickson, are friends of ours and since my husband has been training with them he has not eaten red meat for over 20 years. He's waiting for the day when I will say "that was my last race".  He worries about me, since he's seen me look "not so good" in certain races. 

My animals - the love is unconditional and I'm so happy they live here on our property, I get to love them everyday!

I have 4 dogs.  2 German Shepherds, "Vock" and "Targa",  "Shelby" a (puppy) Cane Corso, (to run with me and protect me) and "Lou" a shitzu/lhasa mix.  We love our dogs, they sleep with us in our house, and are part of the family.

I have 3 horses.  Ben, Splash and Miles (aka Mileage Plus).  Ben and Miles are endurance horses, and Miles is a top 10 100 miler.  My son rode Ben in the Malibu ride and placed 3rd overall, 3 minutes behind 1st place.  I rode him in the Manzanita ride and came in 10th.  Splash is my little girl, I was looking for that perfect 2nd horse, broke, anyone can ride, and I fell in love with her, a green 3 year old, who came from the wild. I knew she was special when I saw her, and she just wants to be loved and brushed, she's so prissy, and I love to gallop her bareback through the mountains.  There's something magical with horses...I love to run with them next to me for miles and miles, they carry my water, keep the mountain lions away, and keep me at a fast pace!

Splash and I

Have you ever wrestled with a 1200 lb animal?
Ben, Splash & Ben, Miles & Splash

Burrito and Taco are my miniature donkeys.  When Burrito came to me, I didn't know she was pregnant and a few months later Taco was born in our barn.  I imprinted him and they are my babies.

Bambi and Angus are my pygmy goats, and they just want to be part of the group and hang out.  The are great to run on the trails with, better than dogs, they don't need a leash and are awesome runners.

  Cory and I love to play with my goats.

My 6 chickens lay the best eggs every morning.  They are great pets, Madonna is my favorite, because she is the feisty one!

My chickens lay green, blue, brown and white eggs, they are so cool!

My friends are who I love to share special times with.

Cory Everson (MS Olympia 6x) and I are buddies and share so much together.  I was on her ESPN2 Fitness Show "Gotta Sweat" as a fitness model.  We've grown together and she has a heart of gold. We are a team together in speaking about "being your best"! 

Then I have my other amazing body builder friend Mary, ultra runners might recognize her, she has the most incredible fit body and kind heart.  Between her and Cory, I feel like the 120 pound weakling!


Here we are with our neighbors and buddies the VanHalens.  Stine and I ran LA Marathon together in 2004, and we love to travel together.  Alex and my husband share a passion for fast cars...go figure!


My friend Rena, who I shared a commercial acting class with over 17 years ago.  Our lives are on different paths, but we share years of good times together. (pictures soon)

My running group...I think I've created monsters.  I started a group in my community and each month we run for a different charity as we train for marathons.  I love it because most of them have never ran before, now they're marathoners!!!  This year all 10 of my group started LA Marathon and all finished, one even qualified for Boston!  We meet every Tuesday and Thursday and they inspire me to be my best!


March 6, 2005
Stine, Lee, Lizanne, Deb, Mari, Jackie, Lisa, Colleen, Meryl, and I off to run LA Marathon

Here are some of my ultra running friends.  Rico, Renne, Mari, Deb,  Mary and Catra... Jorge the champion!


Here are some of my political friends.  I enjoy  these events, just to people watch!

Bill and I - The chic in the back
 is Anita Talbert, she writes for
 a gossip magazine, not someone who you want on our back when you are with Mr. C. - I have to say, he does have gorgeous hands...

Hillary and I - she is one cool      lady who speaks like a champion!

Barbara and I - I met her at my uncle's house when I was pregnant with my first baby.  We've spent vacations in
Hawaii and fun times together, both our families.

Ted and I...I just like to hang with the Kennedy's for some reason, all of them, they are pretty powerful!


Volunteer and Charity work.

How could I not?  See Charity.

I love to cook and entertain.

I have a certificate from the UCLA Culinary Arts program, so I can better learn about foods and be the best hostess!

Foods were once my enemy, and today I just want to create!

I chair our City's Fiesta Bake Sale! Those credentials had to go somewhere! 

Photography, Gardening, and my Wine Vineyards.

I actually find time to fill these needs.  My garden has organic vegetables and areas of flowers and plants throughout my property that have inspired me from all my travels in running.  I have Pinot Noir and Cabernet Vineyards, and will have my first crop in August.  I can't wait.  My photography has been with me for a decade and still to this day, I have many moms asking if I can take pictures of their kids, their life, whatever, I love it, since I seem to capture something I feel is special. (pictures soon)