Race Itinerary, Notes, Results, and *Current Updates

I hope with all my experience in Ultra Marathon running now, that I can take on 8 100 mile races, including what will be my 6th Badwater 135 mile race.  I know it's going to be tough and hopefully I'm not biting off more than I can chew...I guess I will find out in 2011!

January - Avalon 50 mile run.

February - Rocky Raccoon 100 mile - going for my 6th finish

March - Way Too Cool 50k

April - American River 50 mile

May- 100 mile charity run

June- Western States 100 mile Run

July- Badwater 135 mile run

August- Angeles Crest 100

September- 100 mile charity run

October- Javalina Jundred 100

November- 100 mile charity run

December- 100 mile charity run


Race Itinerary, Notes, Results, and *Current Updates

January -  Following my Avalon 50 mile finish this month, I will see if I feel confident enough to run the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile run 3 weeks after.  I've had no serious training since October 2005 due to some health issues...I know I can just go run 50 miles, but with my goal this year, I don't want to stress my body by running 100 miles without the proper training.  I will run the Avalon 50 mile to see if I feel ready for the 100 miler in February...

14th - Avalon 50 mile endurance run - DNF at mile 26!  I just found out, that I'm only human!

February  -  If I do plan to run the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile run, it'll be slow and easy, just a training run to get my miles back on my legs.

4th - Rocky Raccoon 100 mile run - Texas - this will be my fourth year at this race!  Ended up crewing Jorge, who ran a 13 hour 100 miler!  My body and mind wasn't ready for this race...Crewing Jorge was so fun and exciting!

18th - 1st Western States Training Clinic- Had a great time, ran with Mari in the snow and cold, see pics on What's new!

March - The month that I've been waiting for...to run with my group that I've been training to run the LA Marathon. We have raised thousands of dollars for various charities, and have trained diligently for the 26.2 miles...

11th - Lake Hodges 50k - snow, rain, hale, winds and cold, I need heat, heat, heat for Badwater training, but it was a fun 50k! Not really, I hated it the entire time, it was too cold and it was hard to run in the mud... and I'm a wimp!

19th - LA Marathon - I can't wait to have my group running the marathon, most of them, their first!  Running with my group is the best feeling and when I get to experience their first marathon with them, is better to me than any 100 mile finish!  We did it!  Hidden Hills Trail Runners finishes LA Marathon!  See story and pics on "what's new".  What a great day we had, can't wait until next year!  Would you like to run a 26.2 mile marathon, contact me and we'll make it happen!

April -

1st- American River 50 mile run.  12:00:58 A very muddy and slow training run, fun to say the least!

May -

6th - Mi Wok 100k - 15:41 A great training run.  My heel didn't hurt until mile 30, so I was happy, I bit the bullet the last 32 miles!  I got blisters on my toes since I was compensating my heel, but my legs felt so good, my stomach was right on, and Jorge came to pace me from mile 55 on, after he finished and I told him that I had wished I was in a 100 miler because everything (minus the heel) was how it should be in a race!

27th - 29th - 2nd Western States Training Clinic

June -

24th - Western States 100 mile Endurance Run - CA - Race bib #45 follow me at www.ws100.com - I sprained my ankle at mile 14, dropped at mile 49.  Pictures will be posted on "what's new" in a few days.  A tough DNF this year.  Looking forward to Badwater in a few weeks. 

July -

15- Vermont 100 mile Endurance Run - Vermont - Race bib #   I had an x-ray and was advised by my doctor to rest my injury, so I will not run Vermont.  I plan to be 100% for Badwater.

24th- Badwater 135 mile Endurance Run - Death Valley, CA -  Race bib #18 (8:00am start time)  follow me at www.badwater.com 45:34:44 and what a great race,  a Badwater PR!  Stories and pictures will be posted on What's New.

August -

19th - Leadville Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run - Colorado - Rae bib #  Will wait for next year.  Recovering from injury

September -

9th - Wasatch Front 100 mile Endurance Run - Utah - Race bib #  Will wait for next year.  Recovering from injury

16th - Angeles Crest 100 mile Endurance Run - CA - Race bib #    Will wait for next year.  Recovering from injury

October - This month is the Furnace Creek 508 mile bike race, let's see how I feel.  I'd love to do this race this year!

Javalina Jundred 100 mile Endurance run - Arizona

November -

December - Ridgecrest 30k and 50k.  This was my 16 year old son, Moe's  first 30k trail race.  I was in my 5th month of my pregnancy as we ran together, and this day was one of the greatest moments in my running career.  I ran the race with my son, till he took of at mile 16 with 2 miles to go, to his 1st place age group award.  Mama was proud!



Race Itinerary, Notes, Results and *Current Updates

– Unfortunately this month, all races planned including horse endurance races and ultra marathons have been postponed or cancelled due to our winter storms.  This will make my year more challenging since I count on the Avalon 50 mile race this month as a training run for my February 100 miler and to start the New Year.  I like to run 50 mile and 50k races for great training runs for the 100’s.

8th - Avalon 50 mile endurance run – postponed.

February – Plan on running the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler, although training has been limited.  I will run whatever I can (40 or 60 miles) in order to maintain mileage base in my legs.  *Ended up running the total distance of 100 miles with minimal training.

5th- Rocky Raccoon 100 mile run, Huntsville, Texas – 26:24
19th- Western States 20 mile training run.  Wet, rainy and thrashed trails, but so fun.
26th – 20 Mule team 50 mile endurance horse race – cancelled due to rains.

March – Southern California winter weather has made it difficult to conquer the trails on horse or on foot.

5th- Save our Trails 50 mile endurance horse race – cancelled due to rains.
6th – All 10 Hidden Hills Trail Runners ran LA
Marathon 5:40. Finishing times were from 3:50 to 6:24, my entire group finished! I ran the entire 26 miles with Mari in her first marathon. Her son flew out from Boston to see his mom run. 
12th – Way Too Cool 50k,
Auburn, CA 6:48 (training run for Western States 100)

April – Finally, the weather wants to be on my team again, and the year begins now.

2nd – Avalon 50 mile race 11:25 – Ran with friend and first timer Meryl.  This was a great training run for me and a great experience for Meryl. 
9th- Desert Catfish 50 mile endurance horse race – cancelled due to rains.
16th- Leona Divide 50 mile endurance run – cancelled due to rains.
(I will run a 30 - 40 mile training run on the Backbone trail with a couple others, in lieu of the 50 mile race, I need to train for Western States.  I will do a 20 mile training run the following day to get in back to back training) *this day was postponed.
30th- Californos Lite 50 mile endurance horse race - *my horse and I weren't ready for this race, due to this year's "mother nature".

May – Need to pack in the 3 needed qualifying horse endurance races, for Tevis, this will be a difficult and strategic time, not for me, but for the safety of my horse.

14th – Malibu 50 mile endurance horse race - *postponed to June 25th, same day as my Western States 100 mile run
28th – Western States - 3 day training clinic.  Will cover almost 80 miles of the course in the 3 days of training to familiarize myself with the trails and get in back to back training.  Check out pictures on "what's new"

June – I hope I wake up on the first day of this month, injury free…this is my month and what I’ve worked hard for!

4th Californios FEI – 50 mile endurance horse race – TBA * as of May and all the horse endurance cancellations, Tevis will not be in my plans this year, I will not focus on any endurance riding until after Badwater, this way I can have my running legs only and will throw in riding legs after...
12th- Holcomb Valley 33 mile endurance run (depending on my body/training and its needs) – TBA
25th – Western States 100 mile endurance run.  Follow me (race bib #44) at www.ws100.com - 70 miles and a 7 lb weight gain, the medical team gave me almost 2 hours to recover, and my body wouldn't, the day was over for me...

July – Hopefully I recover from Western States this year like I did last year, I ran 2 days after the 100 mile finish and felt great!

11th – Badwater 135 mile endurance run.  Follow me (race bib #15) at www.badwaterultra.com –47:06:27 - I came home with the  Badwater "Sub 48 hour finisher's buckle"  with a time of 47:06:27. I have to admit it was my team that did if for me, I just did all the foot work, so to speak, well that and a little mental strength that I seem to pull out of somewhere...
23rd- Tevis – 100 mile endurance horse race TBA *Update May 1st - unfortunately due to all the rains and damaged trails, most if not all the races were either canceled or postponed, and with the necessary 3 qualifying races prior to Tevis which were not available, I have no choice but to put Tevis in my 2006 itinerary.  I will plan on another 100 on my horse later this year.

August – This month is meant for what my body will allow for the remainder of the year.  Need to find a 100 mile bike race.

13th – Mt. Disappointment 31 mile endurance run- Sick this weekend, just ran a 15 mile easy run to keep the legs ready for my solo in 2 weeks.  My first real run since Badwater.  I feel good considering I'm on antibiotics.
27th – 100 mile solo run through the Santa Monica Mts. Course - 24:26:07

September – Hopefully the Angeles Crest 100 mile race won’t kill me like it tried to last year!  Rushed to the emergency, my body was shutting down, needed 3 IV's, we’ll call it a bad day!  Need to find a 100 mile bike race.  *I will consider Virginia City 100 horse race.

17th – Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance run. Oh yeah, I finally finished this race.  It was brutal, and I love that! 32:33:08

October – My dream is to do the 508 this month, when I finish WS100, Badwater 135, a 100 mile horse race (preferably Tevis) and the Furnace Creek 508, I will be satisfied for the 2005 year.

8th Furnace Creek 508 mile bike ride (depending on endurance running recovery and bike training) I will save this for next year...
15th – Javlina Jundred 100 mile endurance run, Phoenix, AZ – DNF at mile 80 - read my story on my "what's new" page..

*The remainder of the year I will be taking care of an injury so I can be 100% for 2006! 

November – TBA – Will commit to getting my speed legs back for 2006.  Look back at what I've competed these past 10 months and see what I need to finish to fulfill this year's quota!

December – TBA – Will commit to fresh new legs for 2006, and will run a couple races, not sure which ones yet, will see if I'm satisfied or not with the year!!!  Gotta start to focus for next year, I'll start to feel the 2006 (Monday morning) blues coming on!