I've been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1984.  I was noticed by a friend of my father, who was a producer on the show CHIP'S, and they were looking for a teenage girl who can play sports.  I went in for my interview at the studios and had to play basketball in front of the producers and director, but with no basketball or basket.  I learned a lot about acting at this time.  I really enjoyed the attention and money, but was more intrigued by how they make it happen. I got a small part on a movie with Joel Silver directing, and played a hooker doing stunt work, as I would dodge from out of control motorcycles.  My call time was from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am at the Borax company.  This was one of my most favorite jobs.  I soon realized it was the stunts that I truly enjoyed and after CHIP'S was cancelled, and the series run off "Brat Patrol" was not going to be picked up, my next few jobs seem to be dodging cars, horse stunts and motor cycles.  I guess I'm an adrenaline junkie, since this is what I seem to love the most.  I had several acting jobs here and there, worked with some incredible people, and this is where I learned about the behind the scenes and where I want to be today with my own film making, producing and directing.  I guess I like and want to make things happen.


Shannon Farar-Griefer


Height: 5’2                                                             Hair: Blonde/Brown
Weight: 115-120                                                    Eyes: Hazel
Measurements: 36-26-34                                        Shoe size: 71/2

Documentary Film Maker
     “Badwater” (coming 2005)

List available upon request

List available upon request

 Music Videos
Break Down the Walls              Stone Fury                   MCA

    Available upon request

 Current & Most Recent Running Film/Television/Commercials/Infomercials

            Lateral Edge – Celebrity Athlete -100 mile ultra marathon runner and mom

            Slim-Fast – National Commercial – Featured 100 mile marathon runner and mom

Air Press Massager – 292 mile Death Valley run and mother of two

            Fox Sports – Featured Athlete – ultra marathon runner

HEALTHSOUTH “Back to Health” Network – Featured 292 mile long distance runner, mother of two, and philanthropist

            Ab Twister Infomercial – 100 mile long distance runner

            ESPN2 “Gotta Sweat” – Fitness Model

            Fox Sports West – Featured Athlete long distance runner

 Special Abilities

Running, Swimming, Cycling (road and dirt), Weight training, Kickboxing, Dance,
Professional Chef, Rock Climbing, Rappel, Hiking, Horseback riding, Endurance riding,
Soccer coach, Track Coach, Tennis, Roller Skate, Skateboard, Yoga


Acting:                        Jeff Corey, Malibu

Craig Wycoff, Los Angeles

Commercial:              Tepper Galleghos, Los Angeles

                                    Action in Acting, Burbank


Athletic Background 

Ultra marathon competitor, Endurance horse racing, Triathlete, Extreme Sports
*1st and only woman to double the official “Badwater 135” mile race - 292 miles on foot
*2004 So. Cal Grand Prix Ultra Runners Series - 2nd woman overall (masters)