Be on my team to raise $100,000.00 for charity this year!

Please put "Shannon's Run" when sending in donations to my charities, so that we can keep track on reaching my goal for this year!  Thank you for your support.


I will be running the 2006 Badwater 135 mile Ultra Marathon for 4 different charities, and I hope you'll find an interest in one, if not all 4 and can support me during my 135 mile run in the 120-130 degree temperatures, as we raise money and bring awareness to these wonderful causes.  Thank you for your interest, support and time.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  I'm always in search of running for a different cause, if you'd like me to run for your special charity, please contact me.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation

The Challenged Athletes Foundation is the official charity of the Badwater 135 mile race..  The Challenged Athletes Foundation was created on the belief that people of all abilities should have the opportunity to pursue a life full of physical activity and of sports. Be they recreational or in pursuit of a gold medal at the Paralympic Games, people with a physical disability are limited only by their access to funding. Since 1994, CAF has raised more than $8 million allowing the Foundation to satisfy thousands of funding requests from challenged athletes in all 50 states and 10 countries.  Eighty-nine cents of every dollar raised by CAF provides funding and programs that get challenged athletes into the game. Whether its a $2,000 handcycle, helping underwrite a $15,000 running prosthetic or arranging enthusiastic encouragement from a mentor who has triumphed over a similar injury, CAFs mission is clear: give those with the desire to live active, competitive lifestyles every opportunity to compete in the sports they love.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, payable to Challenged Athletes Foundation, and mail it directly to: Challenged Athletes Foundation, 11199 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite #C, San Diego, CA 92121

Love Our Children USA

After Hurricane Katrina, I felt that I needed to help in some way.  As I was searching for a charity to support these victims, I found Love Our Children USA.  Love Our Children USA is the leading national nonprofit that honors, respects, and protects children. Our mission is to break the cycle of violence against children. We work to eliminate behaviors that keep children from reaching their potential. We redefine parenting by promoting prevention strategies and positive changes in parenting and family attitudes and behaviors through public education. Love Our Children USA works to empower and support children, teens, parents and families through information, resources, advocacy, and online youth mentoring. Our goal is to protect children and strengthen families -- our message is positive ... one of prevention and hope.

Each year over 3 million children are reported as victims of violence. The actual number is 3 times greater. And each year almost 1.8 million children are abducted.
We want to think of our children being safe, protected and loved. It's up to every one of us to make that happen! That's why Love Our Children USA plays such an important role in the lives of America's children.

One of the most effective ways to deal with the problem of violence against children is through education. Love Our Children USA's education and communications programs are designed to help parents and children better understand the forms and effects of violence ... and the benefits of living in a loving and nurturing environment.

The way we treat children today will affect them tomorrow and -- the rest of their lives. You can be the difference and help protect America's children and strengthen America's families by supporting Love Our Children USA.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, payable to: Love Our Children USA, 220 East 57th Street 9th Floor Suite G, New York , NY 10022-2820.


Camp Ronald Mc Donald For Good Times

I run all my races for several different charities.  I'm always looking for more, because there are so many people who I feel I can make their lives a happier place through my running.  I have a special connection with Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, for so many reasons.  Many years ago when I was an actress, I worked on the show "Highway to Heaven" and I played a camp counselor...the kids at the camp were children living with cancer, and they were not acting.  I saw myself with an eating disorder disease and saw these most courageous kids who also had a disease. I felt at the time, if I could find an inner strength, I could possibly take control of my eating disorder and overcome this, and also knew that this couldn't be possible with a disease such as cancer. They have been my support in getting me through when my times are tough.  I understood they couldn't have the same power as I did which allowed me to conquer my battles with food, and this is why I want to do any, and everything I can do to make their moment, their day, their life, a better place!  I am so fortunate to not only raise money, bring awareness to their cause, but most gratifying is when I am holding them at the Children's Hospital or the Ronald McDonald house, and their words to me is what I hear at that moment, the times when I'm hurting in a race, and most important, right now!  How could I not help others, when I have so much to be thankful for?  The bottom line is...I feel so lucky, not that I can run 100 miles, but that I can walk one!

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, payable to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, and mail it directly to: Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, 1954 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif.  90025


The Chase Foundation

I have so many special charities that I am involved with and I know in my life I will cross paths with many more to run for.  I will be running my 100 mile solo run on August 27th, 2005 for The Chase Foundation.  For years, I've been wanting so badly to get involved with the Chase Foundation, and I knew in my heart that I would find a race and match it with this cause.  There is a personal story behind the Chase Foundation and when I have neighbors, people, families in my life, who have had sadness in their life, and to turn something tragic into such a beautiful place for others, then how could I not want to support special people who do special things in life.  My 100 mile solo run is the perfect time to get involved with the Chase Foundation since my run will be in my neighborhood  mountains and this special family, are my neighbors and friends.


The Chase Foundation is dedicated to the support of Chase Place, a specially designed space where hospitalized children participate in the Child Life Play and Art Therapy program in an atmosphere of love and respect.  With the guidance of a child life specialist and an artist-in-residence, gravely ill children and their families are helped to cope with their fears and to gain personal control in an otherwise threatening environment through therapeutic play and the magic of creative exploration.  In addition, Chase Place on Wheels brings art and play therapy to bedridden children who are immobilized or too sick to join in group activities.


The Chase Foundation provides interior design, furniture, furnishings and supplies needed to operate an ongoing Child Life Program.  In addition, The Chase Foundation provides the staff required to operate the program.  Studies have clearly demonstrated that well planned support programs dramatically influence medical outcomes.  The Child Life Program addresses the emotional, social and developmental needs of hospitalized children.  Therapeutic play and activities are provided for children individually and in small groups to help them understand medically related treatments and procedures.  The Arts Program is offered to children and their families, providing opportunities for creativity and adventures in self-expression.  Workshops introduce techniques such as drawing, painting, ceramics, video and computer art, poetry writing and improvisational theatre.


Donations can be sent to :   The Chase Foundation, 23920 Linden Terrace, Calabasas, CA  91302.  Any inquiries:  818-222-7507.